From July 4th to 10th, 2022

Benidorm Salsa Congress continues to set the standards of our industry year after year.

Benidorm Salsa Congress, framed within the Benidorm Summer Festival continues to set the standards of our industry year after year.

For the Benidorm Summer Festival team, our first objective is the public, for this same reason, we try year after year, to add activities to enjoy the summer dancing.

An event in which the quality of its artists prevails, as well as the careful Workshops, Master Classes, Boot Camps, Concerts, DJ’s, Special Shows, Shows, Contests and Pool Parties.

The sun, the beach, the selection of Artists and DJs and probably one of the best social in Europe, as well as after hours, various dance floors, the pool, all within the grounds of the Grand Hotel Bali, make Benidorm Salsa Congress is not just another festival, but an experience.

In a few events you will find a full week of dance vacation, where everything is designed for the dancer, in one of the most spectacular stages in the world, the Crystal Palace of the Grand Hotel Bali.
Thus, in addition to having the Shows and Workshops of the most renowned artists worldwide, in Benidorm Salsa Congress you can enjoy the following activities throughout the week:

The popular dance genres contain history, steps and technique, the dance workshops have 3 levels, Beginning – Medium – Advanced.
The 3 levels are for you to have a reference, since there is no official regulation to know which level corresponds to you.
The organization configures the workshops, depending on the characteristics of the artists, making the most of their knowledge in genres of which they have more knowledge, making the most of their training for you, giving as an objective, that the congressmen find a variety of styles and levels .

The Master Week are training activities with a degree accredited by BSC in both hours and content. Training by instructors with more international experience. These courses are aimed at people with an advanced level of dance who want to improve and expand their knowledge. With 4 hours per day.

Every year, we have a Lady and Men Style Boot camp, renowned dancers from the world of salsa, which will be danced on Sunday on the stage of the Grand Hotel Bali, with the end of a work done for, 4 days with 2 hours a day, so you can learn without stress, you can share and enjoy all activities of Benidorm Salsa Congress.

The danceable genres can not be enjoyed without music, we understand that they are essential both to learn the dialogue between the instruments partly musicality of the dance, as well as creators of compositions that do not enjoy in social dance, they are main representatives of Benidorm Salsa Congress, BSC will always find a live concert.

In the last 50 years this word is associated with a radio programmer or a person who does enjoy your social dance nights, as the main programmer of the musical proposal of your place of reference.
In BSC you always find DJs that represent the genres both humanly and professionally the identity of a dance congress and having the respect that you are a main part of social dance, for more than 6 hours.

Since 2016 we have not proposed to make a bet on Sundays different shows on the BSC stage, without losing connection with Afro Antillanos genres

Keep dancing until the wee hours of the morning every day, in our social After Hours.

The Afro Antillanos genres have a variety of genres that have been developed in different parts of the world, on the BSC stage enjoy choreographic shows and shows from different parts of the world with a variety of genres and styles

The only contest that rewards with 5,000 euros in prizes, the work of the students who represent their schools, with two categories Amateurs and Pro Am.

Enjoy the pool of the Grand Hotel Bali every day of the week and Sunday, great closure with the Foam Party.

For us it is very important the quality of teaching and professionalism of our artists, so in Benidorm Salsa Congress, we carefully select all our artists, so that you not only enjoy the best shows, but also the best workshops and the best social .
For all these reasons, Benidorm Salsa Congress continues to take on the challenge of raising its standards year after year and is positioned as one of the most important international festivals.

This is BENIDORM SALSA CONGRESS, an event made and designed so that all lovers of SALSA and its Afro Antillanos genres, can enjoy a few days of what we like, with the greatest comfort, so that your only concern is to dance until For the body to endure, learn and meet people while enjoying the countless possibilities offered by the city of BENIDORM and its surroundings.

Sun, beach, fun … and lots of SALSA.
enjoy the summer dancing, Benidorm calls you!

Customer service: Ticket and Hotel: +34 640376719 Benidorm Salsa Congress
General organization: +34 640 026 729

Benidorm Salsa Festival Orchestras

Live in Benidorm Salsa Festival a unique experience, with the best orchestras currently LIVE on stage.


Benidorm Salsa Congress
Sunday – Sunday – July 10th – July 2022.

Erik y Monika Master Week

Monday 4 July from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Marco Ferrigno Master Week

Tuesday 5 July 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

En Breve - Coming Soon

Wednesyday 6 July 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Adolfo & Tania Mambo

Thursday 7 July from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Adolfo & Tania Mambo

Friday 8 July, 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Boot Camps Benidorm Summer Festival

Live in Benidorm Summer Festival a unique experience, with training with world-renowned professionals.
Training, fun and stage performance with them on stage.

Boot Camp Joaquín Arteaga


Boot Camp Anita, Ladies Styling


Boot Camp Marco Ferrigno


The only WORLD amateur dance COMPETITION for SCHOOLS

School Salsa Stars

Benidorm Salsa Congress part of the Benidorm Summer Festival program presents the contest for salsa schools , with a total 5000 € .- In awards, he aimed to encourage dance academies where many of the salsa players take their first steps and continue for many years learning Afro-Antillean styles.

*The organization of BENIDORM SUMMER FESTIVAL reserves the right to make changes to the information published on this website that in no case will be detrimental to the final quality of the event.

HEADQUARTERS: C/ Luis Prendres, s/n (03502) Benidorm, Alicante

CUSTOMER SERVICE: +34 640 026 729 (Whatsapp) Mon to Fri from 10hs to 14hs & 17hs to 20hs & Saturdays from 10hs to 14hs. info@benidormsummerfestival.com

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