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BENIDORM SUMMER FESTIVAL is a living event, every year we learn things that help us improve and adapt to what you, all of you who participate in it, ask of us. For this reason, we have a team of professional DJs of recognized national and international prestige, experienced in events and dance halls that will entertain the musical sessions that we propose this year.
ROOM A: with a capacity for 1,000 people, it is the main room of the event where the music that has made the BENIDORM SUMMER FESTIVAL to date will continue to be played and listened to The rhythms that make up the musical spectrum for which this event has always opted .
ROOM B: with a capacity for 500 people, it represents a strong commitment to expanding the space of the second room of the event in order to incorporate other musical styles aimed at that public that loves other genres such as Cuban salsa, timba, bachata , the contemporary sauce. BENIDORM SUMMER FESTIVAL wants to be an inclusive event in which all tastes and styles fit and in which attendees find what they like best.
If we add to this the AFTER HOURS, THE SOCIAL DANCE, that moment when we are all artists, dancers, even organizers of the event, we find ourselves on the dance floor, it becomes one of THE GREAT LEADERS OF THE EVENT.
Get handsome and pretty, prepare your best repertoire of little steps and figures, and above all come to dance with the best energy, opening ourselves up to the people and the music. Together we will make Benidorm a UNIQUE AND UNFORGETTABLE SOCIAL.

Dj Khalid
Evelyn "La Negra"
Dj Killo
Dj Hugo Leite
Dj Samu
Dj Pablo Bat
Dj Bruno
Dj Jose
Dj Kike
*The organization of BENIDORM SUMMER FESTIVAL reserves the right to make changes to the information published on this website that in no case will be detrimental to the final quality of the event.
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LOCATION: BENIDORM. STOP: Hotel Luxor Terra Mitica.
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HEADQUARTERS: Partida del Moralet, s/N, 03502 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain

CUSTOMER SERVICE: +34 640 026 729 (Whatsapp) Mon to Friday from 10hs to 17hs