Benidorm BK Congress

Benidorm BK Congress

Dj Benidorm Cabecera

The MASTER WEEK SALSA, are dictated by the most relevant professionals of the world of SALSA

Adolfo & Tania Mambo

Master Week Monday

Monday 8, from 16:00hs to 20:00hs.

Adolfo & Tania Mambo

Master Week Tuesday

Tuesday 9, from 16:00hs to 20:00hs

Adolfo & Tania Mambo

Master Week Wednesday

Wednesday 10, from 16:00hs to 20:00hs

Adolfo & Tania Mambo

Master Week Thursday

Thrusday 11, from 16:00hs to 20:00hs

Adolfo & Tania Mambo

Master Week Friday

Friday 12, from 16:00hs to 20:00hs

SPECIAL MASTERS  *not included in Total Pass

Anita Ladies Styling


Special master, Friday, July 12. from 11:00 to 14:00 Room D

Anita Ladies Styling


Special master, Saturday July 13. from 11:00 to 14:00 Room D

Anita Ladies Styling


Special master, Thursday 11, Friday 12 & Saturday 13 from 11:00 to 14:00 9 Hours in Total Room E

will be taught theoretical and practical content aimed at:

a. Dancers who are already developing a semi-professional or professional activity in the field of SALSA.
b. Dance teachers who teach regularly in schools or rooms.
c. Dancers who, due to their level of dance, want to receive more advanced content and know first hand theoretical contents in the form of personal growth in dance.

5 class sessions with 4 big names of the Salsa national and international:

Each session will last 4 hours, from 16 to 20hs and will be given at the PALACIO DE CRISTAL, at the main stage of: BENIDORM SUMMER FESTIVAL.

Each instructor will elaborate the contents of their workshops with two premises:

a. Transmit theoretical – practical content (musicality, technique, style, etc.).
b. Delve into the most relevant aspects of your dance style.
c. 30 min of teaching methodology of each Master Week teacher.

BENIDORM SUMMER FESTIVAL will give all participants a certificate of participation in this training. A certificate will be delivered per day in which it will be specified::

Student’s name. Hours taken. Content of the training. Signature of teachers. Proof of organization.

ATTENTION: If you buy several MASTER WEEK SALSA tickets by,, please attach the name and surname of the beneficiary in a message to be able to make the certificates for each person, to be able to deliver them on the same day as the class, thank you very much..

In BENIDORM SUMMER FESTIVAL we work to provide all our activities and proposals with an interesting and coherent content. We believe that with this proposal we can offer an annual recycling for all those people who wish to feed on knowledge and grow as dancers and professionals. So we hope we can count on your presence and that you participate in a unique experience in our country.

The MASTER WEEK SALSA consists of 5 sessions of class with 5 big names of the SALSA national and international directed to dancers of advanced level and professionals of the dance that want to receive a formation of high level as a recycling or professional formation.


To get access to this Master Class, you have 2 purchase options

1- included in the “Total Pass”  Buy Here

2- buy the “Master Week” pass of the chosen day  Buy Here

*The organization of BENIDORM SUMMER FESTIVAL reserves the right to make changes to the information published on this website that in no case will be detrimental to the final quality of the event.

HEADQUARTERS: C/ Luis Prendres, s/n (03502) Benidorm, Alicante

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