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The only WORLD amateur dance COMPETITION for SCHOOLS

Benidorm BACHATA Congress is part of the Benidorm Summer Festival’s programme and presents the contest for bachata schools, with a total of 5000€. – in prizes, the goal is to encourage dance academies where many of the bachata dancers take their first steps and continue for many years to learn Afro-Antillean styles.


The competition aims to publicise the work of groups that can represent schools in Spain and around the world.

Members who do not give dance classes, who are not professionals in other areas of dance, and who have not participated in any other professional competitions.
Students in this group assume that they are exclusively representing the school for which they enrolled.

In the pro-am category, the directors of the school enrolled in a maximum of 2 components may be presented. In case the directors participate, they will be marked
with a minimum of 6 contestants on stage, 4 amaterus and 2 professionals, the professionals will be marked with a badge in the form of a bracelet so that the members of the jury can distinguish them. The other members of the group must remain “amateurs” regardless of their level. In this category “if professionals from other areas of dance are admitted”, all other members must be students of such directors. In this category, it is not penalized that they are professionals in any kind of dance, or that they have taught or participated in events or competitions.

Minors may participate as long as they carry a written authorization signed by a parent or legal guardian and are accompanied by one of them in the case of minors under 16 years of age. Therefore, the contest is open to all those who enjoy the events as participants, students, amateur and pro am groups who want to present their projects, as well as the beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

In Benidorm Bachata Congress, we want to be close to the dance schools and give them the main place in the Benidorm Summer Festival activities.
First of all, you must register on the form below to reserve your place.The second step is to pay the registration fee to reserve your place.

Like any “discipline”, whether sporting, artistic or otherwise, in order to make it as transparent and objective as possible, regulations are generated based on study and experience in the participation and organization of events and competitions on the national and international scene.

The Judges:
They will always be dancers and professionals from different fields related to Bachata and dance; all of them will be instructed and limited to the regulations created for the purpose of the contest, reducing subjective evaluations.

The Participants:
In the AMATEURS category, there will always be students, a minimum group of 3 people, who do not work or have worked in the national or international scene. Participants must be amateurs.

In the PRO-AM category, it is possible to present the directors of the schools registered in a maximum of 2 components and each team will also have a minimum of 3 amateur members, so that the group will be a minimum of 5 people.

It is understood that the good work and honesty of those who present themselves to the contest is understood; if this is not the case, the judges will be the responsible authority to evaluate together with the director of the contest, to decide the penalty.

Each school will make a video presentation , with a maximum duration of 1 minute, for self-presentation.
For examples, click on the link below to see presentations from other groups, in the official channel of Benidorm Summer Festival:

The Results:
Once defined, both the partial of each jury and the competition totals will be published to the directors of each school.
In this way, each team of the competition will be able to obtain the result of each judge. The results from 1 to 3 place will be published in the fan page of Benidorm Bachata Congress.

The Music:
All music genres related will be accepted, from the folkloric and popular genres such as bachata and all its styles, to the most modern as the reaggettón. You can use other music styles with a maximum of 30%. In the structure of the composition must have 70% Bachata.
The music editing will have a maximum duration of 4:30 Minutes, there is no limit to the number of songs and effects.

It will score from 0 to 10 as follows:
All participants will begin with 10 points and will be subtracted 1 point each time one of them steps outside the time chosen for the choreography.
This area will be evaluated with 30% of the final vote.

Technical area:
It is the most complex, given that it is understood to be an amateur contest and the technique is not the strong point, but it will be highly appreciated that coaches and choreographers present the correct execution of the various movements without losing the essence and style of this type of rhythms.
Thus, it will be scored from 0 to 10 according to the following criteria:

The overall difficulty of the choreography.
The correct execution of the turns.
The correct performance of acrobatics.
The coordination of all its members.
The choreographic elements introduced.
The lines and fronts used are clearly defined.
Coherence and choreographic cohesion.
If acrobatic or aerial movements are performed, it is valued in this area..
This area will be evaluated with 30% of the final vote.

Aesthetic area:
The staging will be scored from 0 to 10, the care of the clothes in relation to the choreography, the general aesthetics of the dancers. Since the objective of the contest is schools, it is an area where we do not seek ostentation in the production of clothing. This area will be valued at 15% of the final vote.

As it is a contest that will value Bachata as the main dance, it is logical that it has more priority than the others.
Again they will be scored from 0 to 10.
Music and dance go hand in hand.
When using Afro-Antillean music, the styles of each genre will be respected, punctuating with its correct execution and not only with its use.
Originality will be rewarded, being understood as originality the NO COPY of sequences used by other groups or known professionals.
This area will be evaluated with 25% of the final vote.
After this, there will be a review of the jury’s address for casting vote (in case of tie or need) and verification of the score. If there is any doubt, the videos will be reviewed in order to have a more objective vote and the final score will be postponed for a few moments. The final result will be on stage.

Percentage overview:
Time: 30%
Technical Area: 30%: Technical Area
Aesthetic Area: 15%
Music and dance in tune: 25%.

Schedules for groups:
Registered school directors must report to Palacio de Cristal at 8:00 p.m. without exception to meet with the competition director and draw for the starting order. They must submit a list with name and surname of each contestant.

The rehearsals in both sound and stage are mandatory and will be on Thursday, July 4 ,2018 from 14:00 to 16:00 and 20:00 to 22:00.
The draw for the starting order will be at  20:00, with the directors of the schools present and a technical talk will be given.
Contestants must present themselves, accredited, costumes and make-up at 22:30 in Palacio de Cristal.

IMPORTANT: Each school will make a video presentation of the same, with a maximum duration of 1 minute, for its selfpresentation. This video together with the music of the show should be sent to: school@benidormsummerfestival.com

The qualified couples will receive, according to the order in which they are placed, a cash prize according to the following classification:

Category PRO-AM:
1st Position: 1000.€-
2nd Position: 800€.-
3rd Position: 600€.-

AMATEUR Category:
1º Position: Shoes of Reina.
2nd Position: Total Pass for all participants of Benidorm Bachata Congress 2021.
3rd Position: Full Pass for all participants of Benidorm Bachata Congress 2021.

IMPORTANT: fill in all the information, by clicking on send, you will be redirected to www.cucumpa.com, to proceed with the payment of the registration

Prizes are non-transferable from users who have participated in the contest, they may not be exchanged in any way for another. The form of payment of the prizes will be announced on the day of the competition, by the organizer.

The prizes of 1st Place in the amateur category are with a maximum of 8 units, (8 pairs of shoes). The models of shoes delivered by Reina Danza Shoes, the model will be designated by the brand.

Fill out the form below, with the corresponding data and choose the category, after filling it out, send it directly to the payment of the online registration.
Value of the registration form per group, 150 € in total. It gives each member of the group access to the evening party on Thursday 4 July.
More information on +34 640 026 729,

School Bachata Stars Registration Form

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